The Eastfield Group consists of two unique Canadian public resource companies with a team of experienced geologists and finance professionals that have been in the business for many years. The Eastfield Group has a dual strategy it uses to move projects forward and balance risk with return.

Eastfield Resources and Cariboo Rose Resources are both project generators, who fund some of their earlier stage projects by optioning them out to others to fund exploration while more advanced projects may see development work funded internally.
Eastfield Resources

Eastfield Resources has been operating since 1987 and has five high potential gold and copper exploration projects in BC. A project generator, Eastfield is the birthplace of Wildrose Resources (successfully merged with Spanish Mountain Gold), Cariboo Rose Resources and Lorraine Copper.

Cariboo Rose Resources

Cariboo Rose operates seven significant gold and copper exploration projects in British Columbia with active development programs. Cariboo Rose's focus is to advance its properties both independently, and to seek partnerships with other companies to fund exploration programs throughout the portfolio, a strategy that reduces risk to investors and increases leverage.